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Lips Lines Lashes   $649

  • Volbella (1 syringe)
  • Revox 7 (Botox's BFF)
  • Latisse (Lashes for Days)

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$50 off Juvederm (per syringe)

Best Friends and Botox


Refer a friend that's NEW to our practice for Botox & your friend will receive 1 COMPLIMENTARY AREA!

(up to 20 units*)


As a "Thank  You" you will RECEIVE $50 OFF

(20 units or more)


*not bankable

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Lips, Lines and Lashes Specials


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Do you wish for that certain cosmetic procedure?  Why not now?

You are a valued Patient of Dr. McFadden’s … We want you to have your dream – your cosmetic wish list… Your reward comes when you invite others to join our “Family of Patients”.

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Non-Surgical Services

Patient Appreciation Program

The Benefits

  • Receive a $25 credit for each qualifying new patient you refer!
  • For each patient referral that has a major cosmetic procedure, we will take 5% off your next major cosmetic procedure.


All you need to do

Print your name on the back of Dr. McFadden’s cards & give them to family, friends & co-workers.


Check out the many services Dr. McFadden provides. If it’s a cosmetic procedure you need, we can help you realize your goals & dreams!


*Retro referrals do not apply

*Delinquent accounts will not be allowed to participate.

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