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Here are a few testimonials to patient satisfaction.  We strive for nothing less than perfection and complete patient satisfaction. We want you to be happy with your results!

I have only great things to say about Advanced Cosmetic Surgery...from the moment you walk in the door you are greeted with warm smiles and friendly faces...everyone is professional...knowledgeable and honest. I highly recommend Advanced....for any of your cosmetic needs."

- T.D.

Dr. McFadden and his team performed surgery on my back in January.  I had a full tummy tuck with liposuction.  They did a FANTASTIC job and even after surgery they were there for me the entire way during the recovery.  I have another surgery planned and when I am ready this will be where I go.  His nurse practitioners are so loving and gentle.  I had tons of questions after and they were a phone call away.  I have my self esteem back after 22 years, you just can't put a price on being comfortable in your own body.  Dr. McFadden made me feel at ease and comfortable at all times. I can't thank you ALL enough."

Thomas McFadden, In recognition of gifts that far exceed what is required, I want to thank you for the extraordinary way you treat, care for and are with others. Beyond your professional expertise, your exceptional patience, concern and attentiveness has a true healing effect on others. “Thank-you” feels so inadequate so this is to say “Really thank-you” for being and inspiration."

– T.

Dr. McFadden, I know I don’t say much at the rechecks, but that’s because I’m modest and I feel a little embarrassed. But I want you to know that because of you, my self-esteem has increased tremendously. My back no longer hurts and I’m slowly settling into a perfect “C.” I am very grateful to you beyond words. God bless you and your family. You really have changed my life and I couldn’t be happier! I look forward to using your “Artist’s” hands again! Thanks for doing a great  job!"

– K.P.

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My little girl is happy, healthy and beautiful.

"Dear Dr. McFadden, I just wanted to thank you for caring for my daughter.  I told you a few weeks ago that I thought you were a miracle worker.  Your response was simply, “No, I’m just human.”  Well, you are a human with an incredible talent.   There may have been other doctors who could “stitch her up,” but you seemed to care for her.  Her case seemed personal to you and that means more to her Daddy and me than you will ever know.  I know that cosmetic elective surgeries are your  bread and butter.  I’ll probably be on your appointment list one day but I thank God that you were on call that day.  You  focused on (my daughter’s) recovery.  (Our) children are (our) life.  They are what keeps us going,  and when they suffer, we suffer.  My little girl is happy, healthy and beautiful.  A huge amount of credit goes  to you and your staff.  Please let your staff know how much we appreciate them.  They have been wonderful.   Thank you again."

– S. & B.


I am so grateful that you did not give up hope.

"Dr. McFadden, There are no words to express the thankfulness in my heart for all you have done for my son, RM, over the course of this year. After his near fatal accident on February 13, 2003, there were many doctors and nurses that said he would not make it. I am so grateful that you did not give up hope. You will always have a special place in the heart of our family for  all you have done to help bring him through. I thank the Lord each day that you were and continue to be there for him. I  pray that God richly blesses you and yours over this holiday season and in the year to come. Merry Christmas,"

– G.M.


The surgery went awesome and Dr. McFadden did a great job.

"Dear Dr. McFadden and staff, I just wanted to write a letter to say “Thank you” to you and your staff for the wonderful way you all took care of us and our one year old son, C.  C had a birth mark right by his eye that kept bleeding so it needed to come off.   We couldn’t decide when or how but all of you were very patient with us until we made the decision to have it done.   The surgery went awesome and Dr. McFadden did a great job.  You can barely see a scar.  Thank you!  From one of your youngest patients,"

– C.G. & his parents


Definitely worth it!

"Dear Dr. McFadden: I have to tell you how pleased I am with the results of the Restylane treatment around my mouth. It is me, but better! Very soft, very natural….not obvious/artificial/frozen at all (which I think is the key to cosmetic procedures!).  I would highly recommend this treatment to any person who wishes to subtly enhance his/her appearance. Definitely worth it! People will see a difference; they just won’t be able to pinpoint what it is. Your expert application did the trick!  Thank you!"

– C.H.H.


Warm-hearted, Sympathetic Staff

"Dear Dr. McFadden, Thank you so much for seeing me last Friday after I burnt my leg. I appreciate your willingness to see me quickly and your assessment and advice for my injury. I can’t tell you how much appreciate you and your warm-hearted, sympathetic staff."

– J.B.


John’s thumb is a testimony to your skill and artwork.

"Dr. McFadden, We still thank the Lord that you were the doctor on call. Hope all is well with you and your family. John’s thumb is a testimony to your skill and artwork. We can’t help but think of you on June 9th. Thanks again."

– K. & J.


Thank you so much for your tender care.

"Dr. McFadden, I wish to send thanks for all you have done! You are an Angel sent here from above. I greatly admire the work you do. Thank you so much for your tender care. I feel better each day. May you and yours continue to be blessed! PS Thanks to your nurses and staff, they are precious. May you all have a blessed day."

– T.B.


It is such a comfort to know there are caring people like you...

"Dr. McFadden, No words express how much you have done for our family and little B. Even though my path continues to be a difficult one, it is such a comfort to know there are caring people like you to ease the burden. You are truly an angel to us and God will bless you."

– W.

Best thing I ever did for my complexion

I have been self-conscious about my complexion for many years. I had scars on my nose from an accident that were impossible to cover with make-up and very large pores. Nothing I had previously tried really made a significant difference. After a consultation with Dr. McFadden, I decided to try a Obagi Blue Peel. I am so thankful I did. I wanted to wait until I was weeks out from the procedure and using the Obagi Products for at least 6 weeks to give a review. I can honestly say it has been the best thing I have ever done for my complexion and the ONLY thing that has reduced the scars on my nose. I would be thrilled with just that, but now my overall complexion is the best it has been since childhood...and it's been a long time since I was a child. I don't intend to ever stop using the Obagi Products and Blue Peels.




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