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The following are a few things that can distinguish some surgeons from others:


Quality of Work

1) You should look at before and after photos of the operations (or any component procedures) to see that plastic surgeon's results.


2) You should look at the quality of training a plastic surgeon has had. Additional training is especially important to consider in the field of surgery that you desire. Formal surgical training from prestigious medical universities is very important. The minimum number of years of surgical training for plastic surgeons to be board certified is six years. There simply is no substitute for stellar academic and practical surgical training. I have had over 8 years of surgical training with a plastic surgery residency from The University of Wisconsin, generally recognized as one of the top plastic surgery training programs in the country. In addition, I have had a cosmetic and breast fellowship in Miami under the direction of three of the world's leading aesthetic plastic surgeons.


3) Look for very experienced surgeons with meticulous surgical technique and natural looking outcomes. The elite experience extends beyond the surgeon to the facility, and the surgical team. You should be able to see the surgical suite and know who else will be in the operating room with you during surgery. The Joint Commission (TJC) is an organization that provides certification to hospital operating rooms. The Joint Commission and the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF) are two of the organizations that can provide certification to surgical suites. Our center is AAAASF certified.



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The anesthesia experience is crucial for a safe and comfortable surgical experience. We use very experienced certified registered nurse anesthetists with more than 15 years experience along with our well-trained nurses and nurse practitioners that are at the patient's bedside before, during and after surgery.



We value patient privacy highly and have a private first floor entrance and exit so patients never need to be in a public lobby or elevator for their pre-operative entrance or post-operative exit.


We Listen

Be assure that we take your concerns seriously and want the best result possible for you. We make every attempt to listen to understand your goals. We will never pressure you into an operation or anything that you do not feel comfortable about. Before scheduling surgery, you can speak to previous patients who have had the same surgery and we can arrange that for you.


Other Factors to Consider

Regardless of who does your operation, ask yourself the following questions after your consultation appointment(s):

Is this surgeon qualified to perform the surgery that I am considering?

Do I like this person? Will I enjoy seeing them over the course of my surgery and recovery?

Was my complete medical history taken and examined in detail?

Did this physician listen to me, and my concerns, as I explained my thoughts about the improvement I seek?

Does this physician share my aesthetic vision? Do they understand me and is he/she able to provide what I seek?

Was I given an understanding of all options available (both surgical and non-surgical)?

Was I shown photographic examples of surgical outcomes that give me confidence that I can obtain similar results?

Was the office staff professional, friendly and accommodating?

Does this surgeon perform aesthetic surgery exclusively or is aesthetic surgery a small portion of the practice?

Ask how long your anticipated results should last given the procedure chosen.



You must be absolutely certain that your plastic surgeon's aesthetic vision matches your vision. I do my very best to ensure that we on are the same page regarding the desired result. While I have my preferences and I am only here to advise, you are always "the boss" and decide what operations are for you and how you wish to have them done. Natural results are always the goal. I always aim to achieve that result that is significantly better, but not obvious that you have had an operation. For example, very large breasts are not only unnatural and disproportionate, they carry with them a risk for accelerated aging of the breast and I would warn you of these probabilities. You should be sure that you are informed of the consequences of your choices and be sure that your plastic surgeon's philosophy, goals and preferred approaches match your goals.


Communication is always essential and it is especially true to delineate your goals and potentially any problems postoperatively. You will be able to freely communicate easily with me, or my staff, for they will play many important roles. My staff members are very well trained to take care of you and any issues that may arise. You can trust them. My wife and I do because we also have some procedures done periodically and guess who does the procedures on us? They do! You can be sure that your engagements with the office staff gives you confidence that you will receive the care and attention that you deserve, especially postoperatively.


Your trust is of utmost importance to my staff and me and we value it. We work hard to earn it and to keep it. When you choose a plastic surgeon, you are frequently making a permanent change to your body. Carefully consider your options and take your time doing your research.





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